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We are fully aware of the challenges involved in ensuring the protection of people, infrastructure and resources. We understand that implementing effective security systems is essential to prevent and respond to potential threats. In this regard, we work tirelessly to provide innovative and efficient solutions that respond to these challenges and contribute to the creation of a safer and more secure world.

At Amper we are committed to protecting our customers and that is why we offer advanced and customised security solutions to protect borders, critical infrastructure, prison infrastructure and prevent intrusions through anti-drone systems. We focus on offering the most advanced technology and specialised equipment, working closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements. We have a team highly skilled in the design, implementation, and maintenance of protection systems, providing comprehensive and efficient security solutions to ensure the protection of the most important places.

Border Protection

Our approach is based on adapting and combining both existing and cutting-edge technologies to address specific border security challenges. By integrating surveillance, communication and access control systems, Amper provides a complete and effective solution for detection, prevention and response to threats at borders.

We understand that borders can present different challenges depending on their geography and political and social context. Therefore, our expertise in systems integration allows us to customise our border protection solutions to the needs and characteristics of each situation.

To achieve our best result, we work in partnership with relevant authorities and agencies to develop solutions that meet legal and ethical requirements while providing effective and sustainable protection.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Amper’s system integration capabilities are particularly relevant in the field of critical infrastructures. It is important to note that, except in exceptional cases of newly constructed buildings, these infrastructures are often pre-existing. Therefore, projects to bring them into compliance with new regulations frequently involve the integration of older systems with much more modern technologies.

In this context, Amper’s extensive experience in systems integration is essential to ensure the success of such projects. Our approach allows for an effective and efficient solution that allows technologies from different eras to coexist without sacrificing safety and operational efficiency.

In addition, we understand that each critical infrastructure is unique and presents its own challenges and needs. We therefore strive to carefully analyse each situation and design customised solutions that are tailored to the specifics of each project. This customer-centric approach ensures that our solutions are highly tailored and relevant to each infrastructure.

Prison infrastructure protection

When protection is against both external and internal threats, the security environment becomes extraordinarily complex. In this scenario, Amper excels in its ability to integrate and manage a wide range of security technologies in challenging environments, such as prisons.

From perimeter sensors based on microphone cables, to the management of access to security areas through locks (controlled access cameras) controlled by various biometric recognition methods. Amper has all the necessary integrations to provide a turnkey solution for all the technological components of a prison.

In addition, we focus on the juxtaposition of detections of different elements, such as, for example, rectifying possible false positives of a microphone alert through video intelligence. This strategy allows us to optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of our security systems, reducing incidences of false alarms and improving the response to real situations.


We understand the growing concern for safety and security in sensitive facilities, such as prisons, in the face of the threat that unauthorised drones can pose. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce our Anti-drone capability, a system specifically designed to address this challenge and ensure security in such environments.

Our Anti-Drone system is based on the detection and inhibition of the drone’s radio frequency signal, preventing the drone from approaching any type of facility and causing potential security disruptions. By neutralising the communication between the drone and its controller, the system avoids the risk of infiltration or espionage.

In short, our Anti-Drone capability provides an innovative and effective solution for securing sensitive installations against the threat of unauthorised drones. By detecting and inhibiting radio frequency signals, our system prevents drone access to restricted areas and protects against the risk of infiltration or espionage.

Amper is comprised of

Setelsa Security

It is a technology company belonging to the Setelsa Group which is responsible for everything related to the Security Systems business applied mainly to buildings and infrastructures.
We design, manufacture and develop our own products (hardware and software) offering highly flexible and scalable solutions with a high capacity to adapt to the requirements of our customers. The availability of the complete know-how of our solutions facilitates the incorporation of emerging technologies, thus offering our customers cutting-edge solutions.

What does Setelsa do?

Sensing and Control

With over a decade and a half of experience in exploring, deepening and applying advanced technologies in intelligent monitoring, S&C has adopted the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) as its core philosophy to implement solutions in various sectors that can benefit from these emerging technologies. S&C focuses on providing services, devices and solutions to organisations looking to innovate in the Internet of Things arena. Through the successful implementation of solutions in multiple industries, S&C has gained a deep understanding of the concepts and the specific realities of each business due to its experience.

What does Sensing & Control do?

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