Digital Transformation in Buildings and Homes

Corporate buildings and homes are undergoing an unprecedented transformation in the era of digitization of spaces. The incorporation of smart technology in the construction and design of buildings not only improves energy efficiency and sustainability, but also increases the comfort and safety of the inhabitants and users of these spaces.

Digitalization has also enabled the implementation of innovative solutions, such as home automation systems and smart buildings. The integration of technology in these spaces also opens up new opportunities for collaboration and interconnection between businesses and homes.

In short, the digitization of spaces is transforming the way we interact with our work and home environments, improving our quality of life and increasing the efficiency of buildings.

Digitization of Corporate Spaces

Digitisation solutions for corporate spaces are one of the most important areas of space digitisation, as they enable the integration of technology into the design and construction of buildings to improve energy efficiency, safety, and user comfort.

Consequently, with Smart Building solutions, it is possible to implement automation systems that allow the personalisation of the working or living environment of users, as well as the intelligent management of buildings. The monitoring of energy consumption is another of the most common applications, which allows energy consumption to be reduced and maintenance costs to be lowered.

Amper’s solutions save costs for asset management in sectors such as Build to Rent, offices, and hotels. Our proprietary cloud platform enables remote asset monitoring and management. You will be able to manage groups of assets from a single manager without the need to modify the current installation to add new devices. In addition, our solution offers control and improvement of energy efficiency, access and incident management.

Digitization of Residential Spaces

Technology has transformed the way we interact with our homes, and Smart Home solutions have revolutionized the way we live in them. With the implementation of smart devices and systems, homes have become more energy-efficient, secure, and comfortable.

In turn, home automation allows homeowners to control and monitor all aspects of the home, from lighting and temperature to security and entertainment, through an app on their mobile devices. Additionally, artificial intelligence technology is making it possible for homes to become even more efficient and autonomous, anticipating homeowners’ needs and adapting to their preferences.

Discover our all-in-one solution for homes that allows you to control everything from a single mobile app. Furthermore, our Smart Building and Smart Spaces solutions are designed for consumer-oriented residential environments. With our proprietary cloud platform, you will be able to manage your assets remotely without the need to modify your current installation to add new devices. Additionally, easy installation by an installer makes integration quick and easy.

Make your home a smart home with our solution!

Amper is comprised of

Alfred Smart

It is a market-leading company that is significantly transforming the user experience in various spaces, such as homes, offices and hotels, through its cutting-edge IoT technology solution. The digitisation of these spaces with sensors, thermostats, cameras and actuators is making a difference in the way we interact with them.

The company’s philosophy focuses on innovation, creativity and the challenge of anticipating the future of spaces, with the aim of transforming them into Smart&Connected, to provide solutions in areas such as SmartHome, Automation, IoT, Electronics, Installations, SmartIndustry, home automation and Hotels.

Based in Barcelona, Alfred Smart was founded in 2017 and since then has established itself as a leading company in the sector, offering cutting-edge and high quality solutions to its customers.

What does AlfredSmart do?

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