Designing the Future

At Amper, a leading engineering group, we take pride in offering a wide range of innovative services and solutions across various fields. With a strong foundation in research and development, our focus is on the practical application of theoretical knowledge, enabling us to make a difference in everyday life and in the world around us.

Our team of highly trained and experienced experts works tirelessly on the design, development, and application of cutting-edge technologies. This dedication enables us to drive progress and efficiency in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, transportation, energy, and others.

Collaboration is a core value at Amper. We believe that teamwork and open communication enable us to tackle complex challenges and deliver customized solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs. By fostering an environment of continuous learning and professional growth, we ensure that our engineers remain at the forefront of their fields of expertise.

Furthermore, we are committed to sustainability, which is a top priority for our group. We constantly seek to minimize our environmental impact through the implementation of eco-friendly practices and the promotion of energy-efficient solutions in our projects. This way, we not only ensure that our solutions are effective, but also responsible towards our planet.

Amper is comprised of

We work closely with our affiliated companies and other dedicated engineering partners to achieve our goals and push the boundaries in the development and implementation of advanced technological solutions. By leveraging our collective capabilities and resources, we can extend the impact of our innovations to benefit a broader audience and make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Robert West

It is a consulting firm of civil and structural engineers and transport planners based in Southwark and Worcester. Since its founding in 1977 it has carried out projects for clients of all types in the UK. Since February 2022, it has been part of Proes.

Formed by a large team of specialized consultants, it offers its clients a wide range of services and practical technical solutions. It is fully committed to the satisfaction of all those with whom it works, bringing added value and lasting benefits to every project it undertakes.

What does Robert West do?


It is a multidisciplinary and international engineering company founded in 1971. Since 2019, it has been part of the Amper Group.

We are one of the leading consultants in the civil engineering, building, transport, and energy engineering markets, achieved through the combination of our team’s knowledge, effort, and enthusiasm, as well as the culture of innovation that is part of our DNA. This enables us to propose and develop effective solutions within reasonable deadlines and costs that faithfully respond to our customers’ problems.

Our headquarters are in Madrid, and we have branches and/or subsidiaries in the UK, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, the USA, and Brazil.

What does Proes do?


It is a multidisciplinary team of technical, creative, and innovative specialists who provide optimal engineering solutions for the energy, industrial, and associated sectors. We specialize in conceptual and basic engineering and the development of innovative solutions for onshore, offshore, and subsea facilities and plants related to oil and gas processing, storage, and transportation. Additionally, OSL has extensive experience in working with environmentally friendly technologies within the energy sector, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) capture, biofuels, and biogas.

What does OSL do?