• Amper Group remains committed to sustainability through the implementation of technologically advanced solutions that drive energy efficiency and innovation in key sectors such as water and the electrification of society.
  • Amper Group has won three relevant contracts in this field, which reinforce its position in the market and demonstrate its dedication to building a future ready for the energy transition through technology.
  • These three projects are dedicated to the manufacture of inverter and electrical storage equipment for a photovoltaic park in Chile, the automation of power distribution systems in Suriname, and the supply of digital metering equipment for integrated water management with IoT technology in Spain.

Madrid, 30th November.

Amper, the Spanish defence and security, energy and sustainability, and telecommunications group, continues to develop its value strategy for both national and international customers, based in its Strategic and Transformation Plan 2023-2026, and as a result has been awarded the following contracts relevant to energy efficiency:

The subsidiary of Grupo Electrotécnica Industrial y Naval, S.L. (ELINSA), has received from one of its main customers, Experience Knowledge Strategy, S.L. (EKS), the order for the manufacture and supply of 76 photovoltaic inverter and electrical storage equipment corresponding to the “AMPS 3L” models, for the ANDES III project in Chile, for a total amount of €7.8M.

The AMPS 3L inverters manufactured by ELINSA are made up of 4 power modules and 1 control module to form a solution for the management and storage of energy in batteries (BESS) as well as the integration of renewable generation from a photovoltaic (PV) park.

Battery energy storage technologies are key to the economic viability of renewable energies and, therefore, to the energy transition needed to combat climate change.

Amper Group has also been awarded a USD 5.9M contract for the automation of the power distribution network of Suriname’s national energy company, Energie Bedrijven Suriname (EBS). The project includes installation supervision, on-site testing and commissioning of distribution automation field equipment.

The equipment supplied includes: automatic reclosers, automated medium voltage switchgear; and automated load disconnectors, voltage regulators and capacitor banks.

The automation of the EBS power distribution network will improve the reliability and efficiency of the country’s electricity system and reduce the environmental impact of power generation and distribution.

Amper is leading the digitisation of water utilities through devices such as the NB-IoT Clip-on and the NB-IoT Bridge. These devices, designed by Amper and manufactured in Spain, allow real-time measurement of water consumption from thousands of meters, detect possible leaks and fraud, and send data securely to the cloud via state-of-the-art communications. This digitisation provides valuable information on consumption patterns. The analysis of this data using artificial intelligence algorithms allows water managers to make more efficient decisions on water supply and consumption, as well as improve the quality of service for the end user.

Amper collaborates with and supplies these solutions to large management companies, such as Aqualia (FCC Group), where more than 150,000 Clip-on devices have already been installed in cities such as Vigo, Santander, Talavera de la Reina, Algeciras, Toledo and Cáceres. In Aguas de Valencia, 2,000 units of the Bridge model have been installed. And now, 50,000 Clip-on devices have been contracted by the Geconta Group, one of the main suppliers of solutions related to the operation and installation of water meters in Spain, for an amount of €1.3m. These solutions are starting to be marketed internationally, with pilot projects being designed in Colombia, Chile and Argentina.