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  • Amper will provide the Airbus SIRTAP Program (High Performance Remotely Manned Tactical Aircraft System) with the voice communications system from the ground control station, with the supply, in this initial phase, of 9 systems for the Spanish Ministry of Defense.
  • This contract is part of the agreement reached between Airbus and the Spanish Ministry of Defense, signed in November 2023. The Spanish Army and the Spanish Air and Space Forces will thus reinforce their capabilities, especially in the field of surveillance and security.
  • The Spanish Ministry of Defence will be the first customer to operate the Airbus SIRTAP system, in which other governments in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East have already shown interest.

15-04-2024. Amper Group has been selected by Airbus to supply the voice communications system, with 100% national technology, for the High Performance Remotely Manned Tactical System, SIRTAP.

This agreement is part of the strategic alliance established between Airbus and the Spanish Ministry of Defence since November 2023, and plays a crucial role in strengthening the surveillance and security capabilities of our Armed Forces.

Amper’s Voice Communications System (MCS) technology is aligned with the Ministry of Defence’s objective of creating a national industrial ecosystem of unmanned aerial systems with high performance, which allows overcoming the technological dependence on other world powers. Amper contributes to this objective with the management of tactical Ground/Air and Ground/Ground communications in a 100% national industrial scheme.

Amper, with more than four decades of experience in the development of voice communications systems, has been chosen by Airbus because of its proven ability to adapt and meet the rigorous timeline of first pilot flight in 2025 and be fully operational by the end of 2026.

Amper’s Ulysses V5000i system is a fifth-generation, in-house developed and produced Voice over IP technology that masters critical communications in all areas of air traffic management. It is a system of recognized efficiency, with more than 90% share in Spanish airports and presence in three continents.

The Airbus SIRTAP, designed for advanced surveillance, intelligence, and reconnaissance missions in both terrestrial and maritime scenarios, will stand out for its range of more than 2,000 km thanks to an onboard satellite communications system (SATCOM); a flight ceiling of 21,000 feet, a payload of 180kgs and more than 20 hours of autonomy. These features ensure unprecedented flexibility and rapid response capability in both day and night operations in the most demanding environments.

With this project, the Amper Group reaffirms its commitment to innovation and technological leadership in aeronautical communications. The Airbus award is a clear reflection of the confidence in our technology and the quality of our solutions. In this project, Amper contributes as a fundamental pillar in the development of national strategic autonomy.