Personas Trina Green y Proes. Firma de acuerdo

Madrid, March 21, 2024-. TRINA GREEN HYDROGEN, a leader in hydrogen technologies, and PROES (Amper Group), a consolidated engineering and consulting company, have today formalized a Strategic Framework Agreement (SMA) with the aim of collaborating on projects related to green hydrogen and sustainable mobility.

This agreement, which has been signed with the support of the consulting firm specialized in sustainability QiArrow, is part of the global strategy of both companies and their commitment to the development of renewable energy projects.

TRINA GREEN HYDROGEN and PROES will work closely together to drive green hydrogen projects in the key sectors of mobility, transportation and industry. This includes:

Mobility: Development of sustainable hydrogen-based mobility solutions, such as fuel cell vehicles and charging stations.

Transportation: Implementation of public and private transportation systems that use hydrogen as a renewable energy source.

Industry: Design and execution of industrial projects that integrate hydrogen technologies for manufacturing processes, power generation, etc.

Within the framework of the agreement, which extends globally, opportunities will be explored in Europe and South America, especially in countries such as the United Kingdom, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil, where PROES has a strong presence.

The collaboration between TRINA GREEN HYDROGEN and PROES represents a significant step towards a more sustainable and cleaner future, where hydrogen will play a crucial role in the transition to greener and more efficient mobility.


Amper Group: Amper is a Spanish business group with more than 65 years of history, of which more than 35 have been listed on the Spanish continuous market; it has a significant international presence; and is a leader in technological, strategic industrial and engineering capabilities for the Defence and Security, Energy and Sustainability, and Telecommunications markets. PROES, a subsidiary of Amper, is one of the leading consulting firms in the civil engineering, transportation engineering and energy markets. It is headquartered in Madrid and has branches and/or subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, the United States and Brazil. Proes provides engineering services for the three main business units of Grupo Amper (defence and security, energy and sustainability, telecommunications), especially those related to energy and sustainable development.
Trina Hydrogen: Committed to becoming the world’s leading hydrogen production equipment and smart energy system solution provider, Tianqing series alkaline electrolysed water product specifications ~2000Nm³/h; can achieve safe and reliable operation within the load range of 30 %~110%, relying on self-developed solar, storage and hydrogen integrated solutions can meet the project needs of high-proportion coupled hydrogen production from renewable energy sources.