The Amper Group reports that Navantia has awarded Nervion, the Group’s industrial vertical, for the Moray East Offshore Wind Farm under the Smulders Program.

The amount contracted for the direct execution of Nervion is more than 23 million euros and is the eighth project awarded to the Naval Division of the Amper industrial subsidiary.

The contract, which involves the commissioning of parts other than those usually made by Nervion, extending the radius of action of the industrial subsidiary, is carried out at the Navantia Shipyard in Puerto Real and will be the first in serial jackets, after the previous works of jackets and substations made by Nervion within the framework of the Wikinger and East Anglia One Programs.

With this contract, Nervion’s current portfolio pending execution amounts to 96.3 million euros, compared to 65.1 million euros as of June 30 and 61.3 million euros as of December 2018.

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