The Amper Group announces that, today, October 28, the Intelligent B client (Mena Energy Group), with its head office in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) has signed with Amper a Framework Contract for the supply from this 2019 until 2021 of, initially, 57,000 smart locks with wireless communication through the NB-IoT mobile network via SIM card, which represents a total amount of more than 12 M euros.
The smart lock is a device that allows the opening of the door or access element where it is installed through an app, or remotely through a platform, without the need for presence or physical key (Smart Access Management).
This device is fully developed by Amper’s I+D+I department and is one of Amper IOT’s star solutions.
The aforementioned contract constitutes, at the same time, the first case of volume success in the commercialization of the new disruptive solutions of Amper IOT, of high added value, as well as a milestone of penetration in a new market for the vertical Telecom / Security of the Group, positioning Amper as a benchmark in a new, emerging and high-volume and profitable sector through its own technology.

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