The Amper Group, through its subsidiary Nervion Industries Engineering and Services S.L.U., has signed an agreement for the sale of 100% of the company Formecal S.L. (“Formecal”) with Tikehau Capital, through the private equity fund Ace Aerofondo IV, F.C.R. (“Aerofondo”), for a total amount of 7 million euros.

The agreement is part of the Amper Group’s new Strategic and Transformation Plan 2023-2026, which is being finalised and will be reported in detail during the first quarter of 2023. In this plan, the activities carried out by Formecal are not considered strategic by the company.

Formecal is a manufacturer of high-precision parts for the aerospace industry, specialising in hot stamping, precision machining and assembly of complex parts for aerostructures.

The Amper Group has decided to sell Formecal to Aerofondo given the ambitious project developed by Aerofondo for the consolidation and growth of the aerostructures segment in Spain.

The CEO of the Amper Group, Enrique López, indicated that “We are satisfied with the closing of the sale of Formecal to Aerofondo, given that once the decision to sell was taken, as Formecal’s activities are not a strategic focus for us under our next Strategic and Transformation Plan 2023-2026, its sale to Aerofondo, unlike other possible alternatives, allows us to contribute to protecting, strengthening and guaranteeing a key industry for Spain such as the aerostructures segment”.