The Amper Group has signed a binding term sheet for an investment operation by Growth Inov – FCR. A venture capital fund that invests in research and development (R&D) projects in Portugal, managed by Growth Partners Capital, Societal de Capital de Risco, S.A., for an amount of 15,000,000 euros for research and development projects of the Amper Group, which will be managed from a Portuguese subsidiary of the Group certified for this purpose by the Portuguese National Innovation Agency.

The agreement with Growth Inov in Portugal is an endorsement of the Amper Group’s positioning in research and development processes, and confirms the Group’s attractiveness for institutional investment within the framework of its new leadership.

This transaction will accelerate the development of the capabilities required to strengthen the Group’s position in the established focus markets, while helping to increase the Group’s position in Portugal and other markets of Portuguese influence.

Growth Partners Capital’s Chairman, José María Cantero, said: “Through this transaction we want to contribute to the promotion of research and development projects in Portugal, leading, coordinating and financing some of the Amper Group’s main projects from the neighbouring country, as well as supporting the development of the Amper Group’s businesses in Portugal”.

The agreement with Growth Partners Capital is a first step in the process of strategic redefinition that the Amper Group is undertaking to become a leading business group in the markets in which it operates”, said Enrique López, CEO of Amper Group.